Monday, May 26, 2014

Trim & Healthy

For the last two weeks I've been trying out a new way of eating from a book I bought called, "Trim Healthy Mama", I must say...I'm very intrigued!  This YouTube video is what piqued my interest...

...I tried "Good Girl  Moonshine" the very night I found it and I've been drinking "Wonder Woman Whiskey" (also on the video) every day since.  
I'm addicted.

Though they were few, Pearl and Serene's videos (and here) had me wanting to learn more.  I decided I needed to get my hands on their book.  

I've now read most of the book and tried many recipes. Turns out I was on the same track as they.  I had already been soaking my grains and nuts (ala Nourishing Traditions & WAP), making my own yogurt (thank you Wardeh @ gnowfglins for that skill and others) and pretty much getting back to basics as much as possible.  Pearl and Serene just connected the dots!

Today we grilled hamburgers, using Bread in a Mug for our hamburger buns...
This was my daughter's burger

This was my plate....minus half a burger :) was very "satisfying".  Boy, I've missed hamburger buns.

My pantry is slowly changing...
...on other shelves you'll find Apple Cider Vinegar, Whey Protein Powder, Coconut Oil, coconut products I've made using whole coconuts (wonderful 4 part tutorial here), Truvia, and more!

I'm adding a few links below to help you understand this way of eating a little better.  I hope it's of benefit. 

These two lovely ladies allow you to follow their journeys:

A couple great websites:
my current favorite recipe is at just right porridge!

And if you'd like the Kale Chip recipe you see in the photos above... (recipe is in the description drop-down below the vid)

Hope you have a wonderful summer.  Enjoy Memorial Day and remember the fallen who gave their lives doing what we asked of them.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Just as a quick FYI...

I'll be posting all my needlework, sewing and hobby-type articles at Needlewise from now on.  
While I meant for this blog to be a running narrative of things that interest me and that I'd like to share, I found that it needed a little streamlining.  Somehow posts containing dead fish just didn't seem to sit well next to a beautiful cross stitched sampler!
So, in the future, if you're interested, click on one of the links above to find those posts.