Sunday, November 24, 2013

Glittered Pine Cones

Today, I thought I'd show you how I made these beautiful glittered pine cones.  I made a version of these back in the 90's, via a similar idea I think I gleaned from Martha Stewart Magazine.  Now, thanks to the internet and the abundance of German glass glitter, they are ready to be updated!
Here's what you'll need:

A brush
(I used a Simply Simmons #10 Chisel Blender for it's short stiff bristles, purchased at Michael's)
Aleen's Tacky Glue
A saucer (for diluting glue slightly)
1/2" Small Screw Eyes (I found mine at Ace Hardware, product #52387)
A Drill with a very small bit
*1 oz. Silver German Glass Glitter (here is where I purchased mine) see update at bottom of post
1.5 qt. Pyrex dish (for the glitter)
Pine cones
Wax Paper

First things first, screw the 1/2" eyes into the top of your pine cone.  If you have trouble, use your drill to start a pilot hole.
Squeeze out about a quarters worth of your glue into your saucer and dilute it slightly with water.  I found that Aleen's Tacky Glue was a little too tacky and started drying before I was ready to sprinkle on the glitter!  So use whatever glue you prefer.

Pour out about a quarter of the glitter into your Pyrex dish.  I liked the rectangular dish size, it "fit" the pine cones shape.

Lay out some wax paper, so it's a ready surface for your pine cones to dry.

Ready?  Grab your pine cone, paint brush and glue and start painting the scales (ends) of the pine cones.

I found that working from the pointy end toward the wider end, and in sections, was the easiest.
So...paint, glitter, move up and paint, glitter...

As you glitter (using the spoon really helps), shake off the excess.   Unlike the chunky store glitter so widely available, the glass glitter shakes off like a dream.

Keep going like this...
...until you are done.
You can do what you want at the top.  I chose to pretty much cover the whole thing.
Now set them on the wax paper to dry.

I made 6 of these today and had plenty of glitter left to make at least 3 or 4 more.  I think I'll be hanging some of these in garland form across the fireplace mantle or across a door frame or two.  They also may be really special hung with ribbon between the rails in my stair banister!  And don't just think you need to stick with silver.  I also bought some beautiful pale pink, teal and white glass glitter (though I think the white will just disappear on the pine cones).  The possibilities are too wonderful!!
Hope you enjoyed this.  I think I'm going to glitter up some critters for the fireplace mantle and maybe try to spray paint and then glitter a few pine cones for a basket...A la Pinterest...

Have a merry and blessed Christmas season,

*Update 12/22/2013~~  If you decide to buy the silver glitter, remember, it will probably tarnish.  
Mine has gone from a beautiful, brilliant silver, to a silvery-gold in a very short time.  

 The patina is very beautiful and antique-like, however, I was wanting a more glisten-y, snowy effect.  Maybe a pale teal or blue instead?
Just and FYI.

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