Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little House Needlework's "Needleworker"

Here is another great little pattern I'd like to share!
Pattern Name:  Little House Needleworks, "Needleworker"
It has that "primitive" feel to it that's so "in" right now. 

I liked the cute little birdie...
...and the cherries...
...which were fun to shade just right with Crescent Colours threads.

The only part I played with, was the needle....
...I thought the original thread called for in the pattern was too dark.  So I added one strand of that "shinier" DMC floss, E677, to the mix.  I really have mixed feelings about it.  I now understand why they used the darker thread in the pattern...if you go can't see the needle!!  That is my self created dilemma.  I've toyed with the idea of pulling it out and redoing it in the original pattern color, but I'm basically lazy lately...and just don't want to mess with it at this point. 
So...we'll call this an object lesson, buyer beware, or "so you think you know better"... learn from me.

As always...on went the "signature"...

...and I was done.
I'll add a picture of the piece framed at a later date.

Some stats:
Finished design area:  approx. 14" x 3.5"
Pattern cost:  $26.  (this was sold as a "kit " which included floss)
Floss used:  7 skeins Crescent Colours (included in kit),
                    2 strands over 2 threads 
                    1 skein DMC E677  
Time to complete: 3½ weeks
Recommended project?:  yes, but a little spendy

Time has been very limited this year due to family stuff, so you'll excuse me for keeping this short and sweet.  I just got tired (and got tired!) of the photos sitting in my "Blog Folder" whining at me...yes, I am an appeaser....

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