Friday, August 16, 2013

The Things You Find...

My dad is ill. The bad kind of ill.  He is 90 and was placed into Hospice care this week.  

 My dad is a wonderful man.  I love him very much and have learned so much through his careful guidance and tender heart...

....I'm not really sure where I'm going with this tonight...I guess I just wanted to lighten my load and focus on something else for a while by sharing an interesting and kinda historic pamphlet I found going through his stuff. 
My dad is a WWII vet.  After his discharge, he and the rest of the country were thrown, almost directly it seemed, into the Cold War, therefore it was not surprising to find this 1950 booklet titled "Survival Under Atomic Attack".  Fascinating.  So I thought I'd share it with everyone.  There is no copyright, as noted on the last page.  It is free for all to share.  

So here is your dose of the 1950's for the day...
Here are the direct links for you to view and download your own copy...
Direct Links:

Something I noted...on pages 16 & 17, at the bottom, it tells you to "Remove this sheet and keep it with you until you've memorized it."  Dad's booklet was permanently folded back on itself at those pages...he took it seriously.

The booklet will now go to my brother.  It is his treasure and I thank him for  entrusting me with it's safety.

PS...I found this video on YouTube, which I can only assume is a companion to the booklet, and  thought it might be an interesting extra.

Hope you enjoy!

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