Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Primitive Hare's "Red Riding Hood"

After a few weeks in Oregon, I'm home again.

My dear, dear Papa had two nasty strokes and we did what all close families do at such times, we close ranks.  He is now back home after his close calls and rehab time.  Things are a little different, but he knows who we are and has still got some spunk!  Not bad for a fella a couple weeks shy of 90!

Just before I left for Oregon, I had finished The Primitive Hare's "Red Riding Hood", which I totally LOVED! 

The minute it showed up at The Stitching Cottage, I knew I had to stitch it. 

Maybe it was the bold colors...

 ...or the geometrics...

...or the whimsy...

Whatever, it was...I was hooked and completed it in about 5 weeks. 

As a result of family business...I do not remember where I placed all my information regarding materials for the pattern.  Argh.  So I'll wing it as best I can.

I used a 30 count linen, which my friend at The Stitching Cottage tea dyed for me! 
I used the floss suggested in the pattern and stitched the whole thing with one thread over two.
The pattern, as you can see, cost $19.50.
This was not one of my less expensive projects, but oh...I would certainly do it again.  In fact, I'm quite seriously considering purchasing a couple other of The Primitive Hare's patterns, most especially among those is the Pride and Prejudice Sampler. This, I would add to the The Christmas Carol Sampler already in my collection!

I have plans to place this on the wall in my Library once framed.  I hear through the rumor mill that there may be more fairy tale patterns to come...and they will all join this one. 

I still have one other project to share, which was stitched while I was in Oregon.  A quick and easy.  It will be up soon.

Hope everyone out there is staying cool this summer.  It is 10:00 p.m. as I type and it is still 91° outside!!  Yikes!


  1. Absolutely stunning! I love this design.

    1. Thanks for visiting! The project is very eye catching, to be sure. And I'm a sucker for those lovely deep reds!