Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All I See Are Ingredients!

I knew that my Millennial Generation kids had grown up without the wisdom of "The Andy Griffith Show", "Wild Kingdom", "The Wonderful World of Disney", "The Merv Griffin Show"...."Gilligan's Island" ...but I assumed the difference was technological. (They watch everything online!)

The other day my youngest daughter opened the pantry door and exclaimed, "There is nothing to eat!  All I see are ingredients!"  (Granted, she is a college senior and that phase of life is notoriously fast food heavy.)  At first I had a pretty good laugh, but then I was a little disturbed.
Maybe I should have brought them into the kitchen to help more often?  At this point in the game, they should be getting in there and using those "ingredients" to make some pretty yummy stuff! (My sister and I used to make cookies all the time!  Not the healthiest, but at that age...I suppose it's not to be expected.)

Anyway...I thought I'd share my "pantry of ingredients" with you today...and maybe you'll see more...or not?...

Top shelf...
 ...paper towels, sweeteners, miscellaneous box goods.

Second shelf...

...nuts and seeds (some soaked and some in waiting), steel cut oats, grits, other cereals, nutritional yeast, cacao and miscellany.

Third shelf...
.. here I keep tomato products, coconut milk, home dehydrated items, home canned goods, and in the bin are assorted dried fruits and pastas.

Fourth shelf...
...this is where you'll find mostly store bought canned goods, along with "Rice-a-Roni"-type box rice.

Fifth shelf...
...rice, oatmeal, and mainly condiments.

Ground floor...
...oils, wine, juices, some snacks, wheat berries, potatoes, etc...!

I keep a pretty well stocked pantry.  Along with what's in my fridge, freezer, and on my spice shelf, there isn't much I couldn't tackle, if I wanted.  

I have been trying to transition over to a more traditional diet, having been inspired by Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions" and Wardeh Harmon's site at gnowfglins.com, so there is quite a mash up on my shelves yet.

I guess I feel better.  
I think I'll be asking for "help" in the kitchen more often...it will be good for all of us...resistance is anticipated.  I think I've messed up on those teachable moments in this department.  Although, to be fair, daughter number 3 is my adventurous one in the kitchen...she does like to try new things and loves my spice rack.
It's never too late...right?!

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