Thursday, December 13, 2012

December TUSAL and Year End Finishes

Gosh, it's been a while since I posted anything!  It's been busy around here and the blog just hasn't been on my radar, I'm afraid.  

To remedy the situation, I thought I'd finish the year with a TUSAL post.  I've not been faithful in this department either, but have enjoyed watching other's jars fill up!  

Here is my year end contribution...
...Nearly to the top!!  

Here is what I'm currently working on...
It's called "In the Forest", from La~D~Da.  I'm working it in a mix of DMC and Crescent Colours Hand Dyed Floss.   It's almost half done.

I loved this border!!!!

 ....and "Jingle All the Way", from The Scarlett House....
 ...which I plan on making into a sweet little pillow for my rocking chair.

Sorry about all the wrinkles.  They came straight out of my drawer, where they sit patiently, until I can convince DH that we won't bust the budget with framing costs!  ...Not complaining...he does give me the means to make the projects in the first place.  Hugs honey....

Any-hoo-oo-oo...head on over to It's Daffycat for more TUSAL fun.

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