Sunday, December 23, 2012

Canning Totals & Links...Year End 2012

In an effort to tie up a few loose ends before year's end, I've decided to post a "year end totals" of my preservation antics this year.  It'll be short and to the point, with little bluster...just some links so you can find any recipes that interest you.

Of some recipes I made many jars (there are only 2-3 people in the household at any given time these days) and of some I only made only a few to see if the recipe was a keeper or not.

This includes a continuation of my July post.  
Here goes!...

Apples, dehydrated--2½ quarts, sliced
Applesauce--13 pints 

Asparagus, pickled--(5) 1½ pint jars

Bananas, dehydrated--1½ pints
Blackberry Jam--17 half pints
Bourbon-Peach Jam--19 half pints
Carrots, canned--16 pints  Ball Blue Book
Carrots, dehydrated--5 lbs = 1 pint
Celery, dehydrated--2 pints
Chicken Stock--9 pints

Corn, dehydrated--1½ quarts
Dill Pickles--13 pints
Gingered Spring Jam-- 8 half pints  From old Ball spring mailer
Green Tomatoes, sliced for frying--2 pints,1950,154185-226196,00.html

Green Tomato Jam with Ginger & Vanilla--5½ half pints
Green Tomatoes, seeded, pureed & frozen--5½ pints  for use in...
Jalapenos, dehydrated--1 pint
Kale, dehydrated--2 quarts
Mushroom Powder-1/2 cup
Okra, dehydrated whole--1 pint

Orange Peel, dehydrated, organic & pulverized--1/2 c.
Orange Sliced, dehydrated, organic & sliced--1 gallon
Peaches, dehydrated & sliced--1 pint
Pears, dehydrated slices--2 quarts
Pears-Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter--6½ half pints
Pesto (basil), frozen--3½ c. frozen into ¼ c. portions

Pickled Banana Peppers--2 half pints
Raspberry Jam--9 half pints Ball Blue Book
Salsa--23 half pints
Smokey Pickled Green Tomatoes with Garlic--12 pints
Spicy Sweet Chile Jam--(7) 4oz. jars
Spring Jam--9 half pints
Tomato Powder, dehydrated--1 cup
I saved & dehydrated the tomato skins!  Hardly any waste!
Tomatoes, sliced & dehydrated--4 pints
Turkey Stock--9 pints
Vanilla, homemade--2 quarts
Vegetable Broth, homemade & dehydrated--1/2 cup     (TheMrsVolfe...she's a wonder and loads of fun to watch!!)

Lavender Soap, homemade from scratch--75-80 bars (2½ batches)
(part two will follow soon, I promise...)

The BIG winners (or keepers)...
The Bourbon Peach Jam (I liked)
Monkey Butter Jam (girls liked)
Salsa (everyone liked!!)
Candied Jalapenos (a hit at Thanksgiving)

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year!

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