Friday, August 17, 2012

An Organized Freezer

Just a quick stop this afternoon...

What started as a potential disaster 4 weeks ago, has ended in happy resolution.
Our freezer seemingly died 4 weeks ago, right before we were due to leave for Japan to visit my oldest daughter.  No cold air at all was blowing inside and everything was getting all melt-y.  So with no time to do a decent job freezer shopping, we hauled everything we could into our kitchen's refrigerator/freezer.  I'd say about 3/4 of everything survived, but I'm sure the Waste Management people were phoning us in the following week as potential ax murderers. (The trash had just been picked up that morning, and we had to wait a week for the next pick up!!!  Of course!!!)  PEW!!!

When we got back home, our "dead" freezer had sprung back to life and I was able to clean and set it up again.  We think we had stacked too much junk next to it and overheated it...that and someone had not shut the door well.  Poor thing just wore itself out trying to keep up during our crazy drought-y heat!

Now here's the really great part...
It gave me a chance to finally reorganize.  
I saw this post:
on Homestead Revival and had been dying to join the clean freezer club.
Here is the result...
(I just used $1 Sterlite containers I found at Target)
I now know what and how much I have.  Yippee!!  I've been totally lost inside there for some time and my kitchen freezer is looking pretty smart, too! 

Just thought I'd share my disaster/not disaster...
Thank you Homestead Revival!!

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