Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Canning Totals & Links

Summer is certainly in full swing, isn't it?  In my part of the country we've been caught up in the heat wave, which also includes awful humidity.  Back in Oregon, we'd get hot summers, but the humidity was practically non-existent.  Just one more thing to miss about home.

I've been staying pretty busy.  I traveled back to Oregon to visit my Dad and siblings last month...had a marvelous time.  I am fortunate enough to say that I grew up in a wonderful family...loads of fun <3
Currently, I have the canner going full tilt.
(getting the Salsa prepped)

Here is a list of everything I've managed to put up so far this year and some of the websites where recipes can be found!

Pickled Asparagus--7½ pints
Bananas, dehydrated--1½ pints
Chicken Stock--9 pints
Corn, dehydrated--1½ quarts
Dill Pickles--11 pints 
Organic Orange Peel, dehydrated--½ c. pulverized

Dehydrated Tomatoes (from skins)--¼ c. pulverized 
Turkey Stock--9 pints
Vanilla, homemade--1 pint 

I have plans to make another batch of Monkey Butter, Pesto and possibly Salsa.  They were all pretty good and have received requests for a larger winter stash.  My personal favorite from the list?...Hands down the Bourbon-Peach Jam.  OMGosh.  Seriously good stuff.

I'm still waiting for hubby's garden tomatoes to start coming on...and whatever else may be lurking out there.  With this last round of heat, I'm not sure that he'll have much to show for his efforts, but we'll see.  

Before I go...something of beauty to leave you with...
This big fella came passing through my family's Oregon property one evening with 4 cows (female elk).  They were magnificent.  I was lucky enough to see them pass through 2 more times while I was there.  Just had to share.  

PS...Want to see my end of the year totals?  Here is the link!


  1. Way to go on your totals so far! It's a good feeling seeing that pantry fill up with homemade goodness.

    1. There is a great deal to be said for peace-of-mind and satsfaction, to be sure! I'll post my totals again at the end of the season. Thanks for dropping by!! :)