Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crocheted Potholders, Mending & Rain

The Christmas decorations are put away ...

...and life as usual must go on.  

It's been raining a lot lately...
...which inevitably seems to go hand in hand with mending, sewing and general needlework at my house.  Daughters are buying and trying on new and old clothes which always seem to need hemming.  (We are shrimps)
This is the first of SIX that needed hemming....ack.

Once I finished the jeans and leggings, I was able to move on to the crochet potholders I've been working on.

I thought I needed another hobby to help break up the (sometimes) monotony of cross stitch, and so turned to crocheting which I hadn't seriously worked on since I was in high school Home Ec class (...yes, I'm that old).  When I taught myself to knit I started with dish cloths, so I thought potholders might be a good place to self re-teach crochet.  (I'm also grateful to a friend who gave me some pointers a while back...thanks MM)

So far, this is what I've done.  I need some help in the thread tension department, but am otherwise pleased. 
The patterns can be found in "Grandmother's Potholders in Thread Crochet"

This pattern is called "Blueberry Pie"
Here is the close up of the stitch pattern (a pretty basic shell stitch of 2dc, ch1, 2dc).

Below is my favorite so far.
It's made with Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 in Wood Violet and with Lizbeth Size 10 thread in Wildflower Garden.

This one reminds me of some cute Steampunk things I've see on Etsy.  (My girls think it's amusing that I know what steampunk
This one has a bullseye...I like it.

In the leaflet, this pattern is called "Grandmother's Favorite"...

...which has given me the hardest time.  I can't seem to make one that doesn't have a tension issue.
 A similar pattern can be found at:

I follow the pattern exactly and this happens every time!  Anyone have any tips they can pass along?  Maybe I just need to cut out one whole 'wedge', it would be perfect then!

Well, the radio keeps beeping and telling me that snow is on the way this afternoon.  I smile.  After the chicken goes in the oven for roasting, I'm free!  Maybe I'll work on those potholders some more.  I'm thinking of putting away a stash for gifts during the year.   If you know never saw this...;-)


  1. Those are so pretty! Did you ever figure out the tension problem? I'd be interested in knowing and you did. :)

    1. Thanks for visiting! I never did figure out the tension problem, but I honestly haven't revisited it either! Maybe this winter when things settle down. One can hope!!