Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Canning Season!

Canning season has begun!

One of the things we brought back from Oregon was Grandpa's huge ol' rototiller!
The first action it saw was 'tilling up our strawberry patch.  It was 4-5 years old and was starting to show it's age.
He kinda looks out of place there doesn't here?  I mean...where's the farm???  Maybe I should have Photo Shopped one in for him...it may be all he gets until the economy turns around!

Things are trickling in from the garden, but it's been such a weird weather year that nearly everything is stressed or being attacked by one plague or another.
My canning season is going to be sporadic and feeble, I fear.  A lot of small batch, which I don't like, because I feel I use unnecessary ingredients (leftover brines and such).
Here is where I started...

With pickled beets and rhubarb sauce...

Last night I made some Bread and Butter pickles with some cucumbers a friend brought over.  They were really too large (old) and seedy for anything else,  so I thought if I seeded them and used them in the B&B recipe they might be salvaged.  I hated to just toss them on the compost pile.  We'll find out if they were worth the effort down the road.
(Click here for printable version of Bread & Butter Pickles recipe)

Poor hubby brought in all of 4 green beans last night...I feel for him.  He's going to have a rough summer.
I guess I'll head up to the local farm market and see what they have to offer...

 Good for them, bad for me.....

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