Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roadtrip with Man v. Food

By now it should be obvious that my family, all of us, are foodies.
So when planning our cross-country road trip, my hubby thought it a good idea to include several Man v. Food stops along the way.  In fact, it appears he planned the entire trip around many of the TV show's episodes.  It was fun, in the beginning, to see these restaurants "in person"....however....it became quickly apparent that ...I DO NOT have the constitution of Adam Richman and have no idea how he packs so much food in his adorably pudgy cheeks. I guess that's why he gets the big bucks...and, I'm sure, the matching heartburn....

Day One:
After hitting the road at 6:08 a.m. E.S.T. (my husband was playing drill sergeant with the clock, so I know), we left home far behind and started our 3 day run for Oregon, a trip which usually takes us 5 days.

Our first stop of the day was Al's Beef in Chicago, IL. 

This particular shop was just off the freeway which heads straight into downtown Chicago.
Riverspitter Factoid #1:  My mom and grandmother both grew up in the heart of that city!

Here we ordered their Italian Beef Sandwiches...(because that's what Adam recommended....)
               Hubby got the hotter version....                               .....while I got the milder version with peppers.
Both sandwiches were ordered "dipped".  The entire sandwich is dunked in their version of 'au jus', making them a little soggy, but in a good way. Yum.

We traveled long and hard that day and when dinner time arrived, we Google-Mapped our way to the 5-8 Tavern and Grill, located in Maplewood, MN.
Here we sought out... 
                                                       (because that's what Adam recommended....)

I wasn't as impressed as Adam.  I ordered mine with Blue cheese and found it to not be as cheese-y as I would have liked.   Whole thing was just so-so for me.

Heaving ourselves back into the van, we drove until 10:00 pm (11 EST).  Ack.

Day Two:  No Man v. Food stops

...Just beautiful scenery

Day Three:
...Found us stopping in Butte, MT for lunch at Muzz and Stan's
 Now, don't let this little dive's exterior fool you.  Hubby went in and placed an order to go, while I gassed the van across the street, and he said it was okay.

Their famous little Wop Chop (yep, Adam again...sensing a theme?) was pretty darn good!  Simple...but darn good.

We hit the Columbia River Gorge sometime around 8pm PST ...

...and rolled into my parent's driveway at 11:30 pm.  Exhausted.

It was dark...really...it's Oregon, not Alaska.
I love their driveway.
Riverspitter Factoid #2:  I used to ride my bike around this circle for hours when I was a kid.  Hours.

This completes the Man v. Food whirlwind tour part one.
For Part Two--->click here<--

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