Monday, May 30, 2011

Savannah's Curtsy...Finished

After a big push for the finish line, Savannah is done and it was a pleasure keeping her company.
I started Savannah's Curtsy on February 17, 2011 and placed the last stitch May 27, 2011.

Even though I've finished the stitching, I'd like to complete the visual journal I was keeping.  It will just be a moment...promise.

By May 7th....
I was stitching in the edges of her beautiful petticoat.

There were a lot of blended threads in the flooring.  An effect I like, and a good bridge between colors.

By May 17th....
The petticoat was complete!

Everything but the wording was done!

May 27th...
This was the part I was dreading.  I have never liked alphabet samplers, which I think I mentioned in the Dutch Beauty post, so this was rough going for me.  On top of my dislike for stitching lettering, I was using #8 braid.  It can be a real pain to work with...when it wants to be...and it wanted to be....

Once the "Welcome" was in place I moved on to the final step...the beads.  Beautiful little bits of glass. 
A 'welcome' reward after a trying couple of evenings.
(Okay, sorry, some things just need to be said...)

First, I thought I'd add them with white floss, to match the fabric, but the white was too visible on the bead. 
So I switched over to a color that more closely matched the bead.  The result was practically unnoticeable.
 To add the Mill Hill Beads I used a size 28 tapestry needle.
When I added the petite beads...
I used size 10 Betweens and a needle threader...
Overall, I'm very pleased and have already picked out a place to hang her after framing.  I'll add a photo of the framed project in it's proper place as soon as I get it back from the shop.
For now, this is Savannah's Curtsy...

UPDATE July 8th, 2011:
Savannah is back from the framers and is hanging in my inner entryway.

My scrap jar is feeling less empty now...

Thanks for putting up with another project.  I know they are drawn out posts, but I've discovered that they really help keep me motivated! 

I've really enjoyed looking at all the other cross stitch blogger's posts and hope to get more inspiration over the summer!  Thanks to everyone who so generously shares their stitching online!

I have a busy summer ahead, and may not be here often.  I look forward to long, lazy, lemonade-sipping days and wish the same for you.  Time to put away my tool box and do some relaxing...


  1. I like this design very much!!! and i want stitch it too))

  2. It is a wonderful design. Very reminiscent of the old south in the USA. Check your email for a message I have sent you!