Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Savannah's Curtsy, Update Two

Feel like I've been riding the famous Japanese bullet trains.

(This is video my daughter took of her bullet train ride.  Near the end of the film, scenery is just zinging by!) 

Family is scattered, but still managing to keep me busy, and there has been some rough news on my mom.
Savannah has become my release and I'm not sure I will ever look at her and not have some emotion attached.  Not all bad or sad, but still there.

Needlework is like that, always has been.  Women through the centuries have poured their lives into the fabric they hold in their hands.  Births, deaths, marriages, separations...they are all emotional release...a remembrance more solid than granite.

Savannah, April 7th...
I really wanted to finish the top of her skirt during this 10 day stretch...

April 17th...
More skirt and...

...another arm!!  Woot.  This arm seemed much easier than the right side arm.  To backstitch, I mean.  Not so many stitches covering three spaces and no tape needed!  I hate trying to find the proper place to sink the needle to get a perfectly straight line over many threads.

April 27th...
Pretty excited about the petticoat of the skirt being completed!
 More of those beautiful copper swirls are in place.  I think that's the last of the skirt 'fancy' work, but the "Welcome" at the top is loaded!  Can't wait.

My goal in the next 10 days is to finish the flooring...  Big blocks of color...good for mindless TV watching! 

Think I'll head upstairs, pay some bills, make this yummy Soybean Salad and then...finally...pick up my needle.

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