Friday, April 8, 2011

Savannah's Curtsy, Update One

Good grief March was a busy month.  I just don't know where the time went.  One minute roaring in like a lion and the next limping out like a wounded zebra, which by the way was totally beat up by big bad old lion.  Bad lion.

I thought I'd post monthly updates to "Savannah's Curtsy"...thought it would be fun watching the progress...but it's already proving harder than I'd expected. 
1.  The stairs are now my enemy...knees you know...and the computer is (guess where) in the basement.
2.  I pull the photos off my camera, pile them in folders on the computer and then as the month goes on, I've found I lost some of the original moments excitement and thoughts.  H-m-m, that's not suppose to happen.

So before Savannah breaks her poor little back, here we go...
This is where I was on March 7th...
A lot more of the skirt was added.  My favorite bits are the pretty little swirls made with the Kreinik Metallic Threads.

 I love I think I already mentioned in the OPI post.  The swirls are suppose to be stitched in #8 Fine Braid, but I only had #4 Very Fine Braid in my stash, so that is what I used.  Ends up I think it worked out for the best.  The #8 Braid would have been to "thick" for the skirt swirls.
After thinking it through, I bought the #8 braids and will use them in the "Welcome" that streams over her intended in the pattern.

March 17th....
During these 10 days our girl got an arm and more skirt!

When I do backstitching that covers 'odd' number spaces, I will lay down a piece of scotch tape as a guide to help me get straighter stitches.

March 27th....
Savannah gets ahead!!! Sounds better than Savannah gets a head, doesn't it?!?

Now you can see where the beads will be placed in her hair!

Things are moving along at a pretty good clip, faster than I expected and my "scrap thread jar" is filling quickly.

I'm hoping to get a lot more skirt done over the next month and her other arm.  Now that my daughter is safely off on her new adventure, I should have more time...
This is not a good way to get more time....

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