Saturday, March 5, 2011

Savannah's Curtsy

 My newest cross stitch project greets you with a sweet Southern curtsy. Savannah's Curtsy by Mirabilia Designs.

After finishing The Dutch Beauty Sampler a short while ago, I started surfing around the internet and found a ton of cross stitch blogs which not only showcased beautiful patterns, but also allowed you to follow their progress.  I was inspired.  I figure if nothing else, it's a way to keep me motivated when I feel like putting a project aside!

I'll try and take a photo every 10 days or so and post an update at least once a month, more if I'm going great guns! is my first 10 days work on Savannah...

It has been really straight forward so far, nothing fancy or frilly...though I'm not above adding fancy or frilly if I feel the fabric in my hands screaming for that kind of attention!
As you can see, I always work from right to left and usually from top to bottom.  I do the back stitching as I move through an area and if there are beads, they go on at the very end.
While I didn't on this pattern, in the future I'll try to post the type and amount of fabric I use.
When I'm surfing around, I love to see all the variations and wish folks would post more info regarding their alterations, such as their color/floss picks or changes, the fabrics, etc...

For now, I guess that's all I have to say on Savannah.  Ta-da...


As a P.S....I would like to share my newest purchase...maybe I'll do this one next...
It's the Beatrix Potter Sampler.  I first saw it on Violet Viola Viooltje's blog.  It was truly beautiful (I loved her little mice and bunnies!)....I had to have it.  You can find the pattern at or by clicking here
I bought the suggested fabric and floss color in the pattern...obviously Violet Viola has a way better sense of adventure...
Go Violet ! ♥

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