Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Macaroni and Cheese

Another installation of Grandma's Cookbook...

I was in a hurry one night last week and hubby had been bugging me about trying another "Grandma Recipe" so I opened 'The Book' and  looked for something quick.
I was surprised how similar, in fact almost identical this recipe was to one I found in a magazine about 28 years ago!  Just small differences really.
This won't take any time at all...

1.  I used whole wheat pastry flour in this recipe.  Mostly because I ran out of the unbleached flour I keep upstairs and was too lazy to run to the basement for another bag!  My bad.  It still turned out fine.  
2.  I used extra sharp cheddar.  I like the punch it adds.  Plus I want to taste my cheese.
3.  I added all of the 1/4 lb. grated cheese to the white sauce and added additional grated cheese to the top.  M-m-m.
4.  In the printable version of the recipe, I changed the oven temperature.  It's how I've made my version for years and it works well, though 400° is just fine.


Since I've been making a version of this recipe for years now, I'd have to say it's pretty good.  My kids like it better than Kraft and that's saying something, plus it's a little hardier.  In my book...worth a try when the clock's a ticking on a busy night and nothing comes to mind...and ready in less than an hour. 

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