Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kidney Bean Salad

It's snowing outside.  Beautiful.  I'm hunkered down for the evening.
My daughter just left for work...there's that niggly worry he bites hard.
She's suppose to call once she gets there, so the bug can ease his grip.
Until then, I'll sit here and distract myself.

Let's see, what is this?  Recipe number 5 from Grandma's Private Cookbook?
Today, let's try a salad. 

Can you see where she wrote "Favorite"  near the top right of the recipe?  You'll find out why soon...
(My daughter just called...she made it safe and sound.)
The ingredients are probably sitting in your pantry right now.
Really, this couldn't be simpler...

For me, this was the funky part.  I just couldn't wrap my pea-brain around the sweet pickle thing.  Sounded like something my kids might have tried doing when they were five years old.  But, surprisingly, it does work!

When everything is assembled and dressing poured, this is what you get.  Yum.  
As usual, here is the rewrite, and notes...

Kidney Bean Salad 
1 stalk celery, chopped
½ large onion, minced
10 small sweet pickles, cut into small pieces
2-16oz. cans kidney beans, drained and rinsed

½ c. vinegar
½ c. sugar
1 egg, well beaten
½ t. ground mustard

Mix celery, onion, pickles and beans.  Make dressing by mixing all ingredients and cooking in double boiler until it reaches boiling point, then mix with other ingredients.

**You can see I used 2 cans of kidney beans (light) and ½ of an onion.  Go for a whole one if you like onion, I just think it would be overpowering.
**I also used the 'Midget' variety for the sweet pickles.  Easier to chop.
**The don't need the whole amount for the salad.  I'd add half, mix it in, then see where you stand.  I poured the whole thing in and ended up straining a bunch off.  Silly me.
**You really do need to cook the dressing.  I didn't use a double boiler, I just stirred like crazy, keeping the heat at medium to medium-low.  

I really liked this recipe.  Some of Grandma's recipes have been hit-and-miss, though aren't all cookbooks like that?  I'll be making this for potlucks and picnics this year.  I think everyone is getting tired of the same ol' potato salad from me.  It will be my personal repertoire rejuvenation.

I suppose I'd better go start much for's spaghetti with canned sauce.  Oh well, I can dream...

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