Saturday, December 4, 2010

Room with a View

It's been an interesting week, culminating with knee surgery last Wednesday.  Everything went without a hitch and now I sit confined to a 3' x 6' section of sofa.  On Tuesdsay, I dragged every entertaining thing to my future roost that I could lay my hands on and am now surrounded by books, magazines, a portable radio, needlework, my netbook (which I'm on now) and the remote...when I can coax it from hubby. 

Excuse the giant purple foot...this is my corner of the world right now...

Some of the week's reading...
I love, love, love Ted Dekker's work.  Often a little dark and edgy, but usually has a hidden 'moral of the story' somewhere near the end.

Here is my room with a view...or view from my sofa...I parked myself right next to the window so I could see the beautiful snow.  (I can say that since I don't have to drive in it for a while ;-))

I think it's time to go...pain medication and typing on this little contraption don't seem to mix well.  Just wanted to update the friends and family who may be checking in that all is well and fine here.   Look through the other posts, especially the ones under Relaxation/Recreation for the low-down on what we've been up to this year and have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and New Year's!! 

I'm back to my books and naps....

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