Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grilled Blue Cheese and Bacon Sandwich

Rummaging through the refrigerator after church today seemed like it was going nowhere...until I found a package of sliced Blue Cheese I was struggling to use up.  Hm-m-m-m, thought I, what am I ever going to do with this?  I turned...found hubby grilling up a cheese sandwich at the stove...bells and whistles starting going off...and out of the fridge also came the bacon, mayo and rye bread.  I was on to something.
(Post Script...After checking around the internet...ends up I'm NOT so original!  Jokes on me.  :P 
But if you're still interested in a scaled down, no frills version...this is it...)

Grilled Blue Cheese and Bacon Sandwich (plain & simple)

Rye Bread
2 slices Bacon, fried
Blue Cheese, pre-sliced -->(or slice it pretty thinly yourself)

Spread the mayonnaise on the Rye bread, add blue cheese slices to cover one side.  Top with the bacon and pull the other slice of Rye over to make your sandwich.  Now butter both sides and grill.
(Aren't those dried cranberries beautiful? )
Blue cheese can be a pretty strong tasting dairy product, so I wasn't at all sure this was going to work, but it was really good!  I think the bacon helps temper the blue cheese somewhat.  After the fact, I thought adding some dried cranberries here and there in the sandwich would be pretty good and ended up popping the little red jewels in the sides to test my theory.  Ends up they are pretty good too, in moderation!

So that's it for today's experiment. Later!

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