Saturday, October 30, 2010

Satan's Walnut Cake

While flipping through the pages of Grandma's cookbook, I found this irresistible tidbit.
Now, I don't mean irresistible in the sense that ooo-wee...that sure looks good!  More like...hey, it's the day before Halloween, and who could resist trying this one out! 

So, I got up this morning, assembled all the ingredients and went for it, staying as close to the original "flavor" of the recipe as I could, both in taste and spirit.

Now, I won't rewrite this recipe, because frankly (and sorry, Gram), I don't think it's worth making again.
I need to be honest.  It was far too dense for my tastes and really, pretty bland.  I was hoping for something really amazing...if not a little unusual, but nope..nada, nuh-uh.

(Update--May 2011...After watching Episode 12 of Cook's Country [Season 2, Historical Cakes, on PBS], I discovered that a Satan Cake is related to the Red Velvet Cake!  Makes sense, both have cocoa in them, but not enough for that rich chocolate flavor we all crave....and obviously, Satan's Cakes don't have the enormous amount of red food coloring!  Hum?!  Cook's Country has a nice Red Velvet Cake recipe along with others.  You will be required to register for access though, recipes are then free.)

What I am going to recommend to you today, as compensation, are the 2 books that helped me through this recipe.
When I found I didn't have cake flour on hand, and my hubby was monopolizing the computer, I remembered I had this reference book in my cookbook library, "Substituting Ingredients, An A to Z Kitchen Reference, by Becky Sue Epstein and Hilary Dole Klein".  Sure enough, it had the information I needed and I was able to make the necessary adjustments to the recipe.
The next book I used for finding a Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting recipe was "The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook".  I'm posting an Amazon link that includes a photo for this book.  It is my all-time favorite cookbook.  I received it as a wedding gift 25 years ago from a friend who was a professional chef, and he had high praise for it's contents! I have used this book so much, that I actually wore the first one out, and had to buy another.  In fact, I'm thinking about buying one or two more, just to stash away for the future!!  It is my 'go-to' bible.  I can't say enough good things about it.

So having disrespected my grandma's recipe in favor of others', I think I'll sign off.  The guilt is just too much.

But before I is a glimpse of how the cake turned out...
It has a definite 1940's look to it, don't you think?

Yes, those are Pecans and not Walnuts.  Maybe this cake was properly named, it seemed to torment me at every turn...and did not fulfill the promises whispered so sweetly in my ear...

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