Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best City Festival of the Summer

We like city festivals.  They are free, fun and give you something to do for an entire afternoon...if you count driving time.  After having been to many this summer, I can honestly say we ended the festival season (at least for us) with a bang.

My husband likes to print out a "menu" of which city is holding what type of festival each weekend.  His list includes, type of festival, costs, directions (with mileage), and what we're likely to see as far as booths and activities.
To be perfectly honest, we've been more than a little disappointed in the quality.  Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of effort evident, but they have been ALL the same.  Same carnival, same food vendors, same music, and rarely did they have anything displayed that remotely had anything to do with their festival name!  Disappointing.
Until-l-l-l we came to the quaint little town of Lithopolis, OH yesterday.  You could have knocked us over with a bee hive!  A festival that lived up to it's name....Lithopolis Honeyfest, Glory bee!!!  We were beside ourselves with joy and honey. Pooh would have been envious.

They had a wonderful vendor area.  I'm not talking crocheted potholders and cheesy Buckeye jewelry...there were honest to goodness honey products!  Unbelievable.  What wasn't honey, was nice quality homemade goods, such as copper lawn/wind chime-y products, a 'started-it-in-my-kitchen"-type spice company, a stained glass hobbyist, etc...

There must have been at least a half a dozen vendors selling honey, complete with taste testing and we indulged, after which my honey chose to buy a 32 oz. squeeze jar of summer honey from Honeyrun Farm

The festival had a Honey Cook Off and sale...

Actual bee hives scattered around...

Bee Keeping lectures...

Wine and Mead tasting...
Heads up on the wine tasting're paying $2 a ticket, and a ticket gets you one 2 oz. sample.  If you like something, buy it while you're there, it'll be gone when you go back later.  Happened to us, so no Honey Mead in our cupboards....(insert sad face smileycon here).

It was a wonderfully fun afternoon, although I was a little down in the mouth that I didn't get to see the bee bearded man.

I do wish to make one honorable mention here.  While the International Sunflower Festival was pretty much like all the others, they at least made an effort to throw in some Sunflowers, even if they did get all wilted the first day...I'm just sayin'...
Effort noted Frankfort Ohio.
Final thoughts & a slight detour to grumpy town:
Cities and towns...if your gonna hold a festival, please, PLEASE don't string us along thinking that you're going to actually have some of what you're boldly advertising present.  It's not nice to make us drive (sometimes) hours to your town and find that we've been had.  If you have a Radish Festival (just an example), then by gum, I want to see radishes everywhere! and in your food and vendor booths OR don't call your town/festival...Radish Capitol of the Midwest!!...please.

Pooh and I will now go find our hunny jar and do some bonding...
Oh, and good job Lithopolis!

 As my Uncle likes to say...
'Nuff Sed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your visit to the Lithopolis Honeyfest. I live in the Village and volunteered at the festival. The committee works very hard all yearlong to produce just what you have described! Anyone interested in baking, consider entering the Cook-off next year -$25.00 for a blue ribbon!