Friday, September 17, 2010

Barbie Was Right...

On a wild hare I decided to take a beginning Algebra class at our local community college.  Everyone assured me that it would be no problem, that it's like riding a bike and comes back to you.  HA!
I just finished the second week of class and have decided that, while my family and friends have a deep and abiding affection for me....they lied.

 (view off one of the sky bridges heading into the outer perimeter of the college....get that "math teminology"?)
(view off the other side of sky bridge...downtown Dayton)

For the record, the last time I had a math class was freshman year of high school.
I was a music and drama geek, where math wasn't a requirement in any perceived future. Therefore, as soon as the requirements for graduation were met...math and I were no longer speaking.  My parents didn't have any beefs with that.  Fine.  They believed that girls didn't really need math anyway.  Girls should have occupations like beautician or secretary or married mothers.  Get the picture?  WWII old fashioned values in play.  No problem, but it didn't serve the generation I was growing up in.  There were bigger things out there for women.
So I went on my merry way, oblivious to the true future in store for me.

Now here I sit, not singing on a stage and knowing no math.  Struggling to remember 2(4)=8.
My husband, thank goodness, is a math whiz and without his tutelage I would be lost.
I just want to pass this class.  I'm not shooting for the lowest common denominator here, but college moves faster than my old dying brain cells can handle.  If somehow I get through this...maybe I'll think about going on and eventually getting an HTML certification.  It interests me.  Though it'll be a long while.

I guess the moral of the story is...
Girls, Barbie was right...math is hard.  Don't listen to the blowhards out there that say it isn't.  The truth is, it's hard for nearly everyone.  It takes long hours of work and practice.  You are learning another language, after all, don't let it scare you.  It's just another season of your life, one of study and you can do it!
Don't be like me, do it while you're young, your future will be so-o-o rewarding and bright.

So, if I seem a little sporadic in my postings, I hope you'll forgive and understand.  The fish I am frying are monsters and require more of my attention. ><> +  ><> + ><> + ><> + ><> + ><> =  6 ><>

Update-January 16, 2010:   Just a post script...
I passed the class! Not only did I pass, I got the highest "A" in the class! Woo-hoo! I guess my friends didn't lie to me after all. Thanks to my genius husband for filling in all the gaps while listening to my junior high-like crying. Love you, babe.

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