Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Land Was Made for You and Me

When I sat down to type tonight, that's all that came to mind...the lyrics from This Land is Your Land.  I feel like I've crossed country so many times in the last few months that it's beginning to feel "okay".  That is a scary statement when you consider how terrified I am of flying.

The love of family is a powerful and wonderful thing.  The draw is so strong, so Salmon-like (is this how they feel during spawning?), it's irresistible...the need to be with loved ones.  Sometimes the loved ones are drawn to you, you to them, or sometimes you clash in the middle trying to reach each other.  That's how my little adventure went last week...clashing in the middle. 

After a year of attending Waseda University in Tokyo, my middle daughter finally came home.  It was a wonderful experience for her and her second year long exchange to Japan....wonderful for her....agonizing for me.  We decided that since my husband had a business trip to San Diego, we would all plan to meet at LAX and have a nice little reunion vacation.  So we coordinated all our flights and descended on LA, 4 flights, 4 people, all aiming for one poor airport in California and after a half a day of gathering the troops from the different concourses, we were together.
 While waiting an hour and a half at the international gate for my daughter to clear customs, I talked to another waiting parent whose son was on the same flight.  I couldn't help thinking I'd seen him somewhere before.  I took a double-take when we first spoke...and I now believe I had seen him the movies.  I'm pretty sure he's played supporting roles as bad guys.  His face and voice were sooo familiar and though he'd shaved his head, I can picture him playing the part.  It was a very nice 45 minutes of conversation and fun way to start things off.

As for the rest of our trip...I'm honestly at a bit of a loss where to start, so I think I may do a pictorial tour for you.  With your indulgence...a quick cop-out will now begin...
On the Santa Ana Freeway, otherwise known as Interstate 5 heading south toward San Diego!

The Pacific Ocean north of San Diego.

The locals amusing our friend from Japan...

First day's outing to Old Town San Diego.  Can you say sunburn???

15 minute Shakespeare on the green at Old Town.  We loved these guys!  They were fun AND funny!   Five stars!  or...Five stares....

 MTS or the Trolley Service we used to get around.  It was so easy and convenient!

We were able to see a Padres baseball game at Petco Park while we were there.  It was so much fun!  The stands were nearly full, except for some of the upper sections and...the Padres won!  (Sorry Pirates.)
Our last day in San Diego we took a Trolley Tour and pit stopped at the USS Midway for a few hours.  It was fascinating.  If you ever get the it!!!!  
Also...not to neglect the trolley...It is a wonderful way to see a lot of San Diego in a very short period!  We ran out of time near the end of the trip and the tour provided a way of seeing everything we wouldn't have had time to otherwise. 

Can you guess?  Who can go to SoCal and not visit Disneyland...
(a special thanks to cousin S. W., we had sooo much fun!)

One of my personal favorite areas in Disneyland?...Toon Town...  Doesn't the sky in the photo on the left look like a part of the painted backdrop?  It was amazing.
Last one...promise...  Disney at night. 

While it may seem I've lost sight of my original posting don't think I have.  You see, while you don't see their faces here, they were with me every step of the way, including my daughter's friend, who is now our friend.  I would have crawled over broken glass to reach my daughter and with my bad feels as if I very nearly did.  The universe spins around them and when one is missing from the family circle, the sun shining in that universe is slightly dimmer.  I know you feel the same about your kin and life is lived better with them.  I thank God on high for mine daily.
My girl is home now, for as long as I can nail her down, and we'll get into each other's hair and drive each other nuts along the way, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
The Sappy (as usual),

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