Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Federalist Papers

OMGosh...look what I found in the junk bins at the Goodwill Outlet!
I had already decided that I wanted to read The Federalist Papers and this find made it that much easier...and cheapier (I just had to leave that! lol).  I'm a little sad though, that it was in the junk bins...the well known Goodwill last stop before the trash heap.  Depressing.  While this is just a partial release of the complete works, it's a good start.  As the language is pretty intense, I'm gonna just take one at a time and go at a slow pace.
If you're interested in reading these, here is a great companion site that Janine Turner (of Northern Exposure fame) co-chairs with Cathy Gillespie,  Janine also puts up videos on YouTube under JanineTurnerActress that are fun and informative.

I really like Janine's posts.  She seems very outgoing and personable. She's also kind of a nut, in a GOOD, endearing way.  Someone I could hang out with, you know?

Anyway, go check out the sites and have a good read!

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