Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dayton Dragons

Who says America's Favorite Pastime is dead?  Though I'm a little late in posting this, a week ago Friday my husband's work sponsored their annual night out with the Dayton Dragons at Fifth Third Field.  They reserve a Party Deck, supply it with hamburger/hot dog fixin's and drinks and just let everyone come and go, eat and enjoy as they wish through the evening. 
The Dragon franchise (I guess that's what it is?) always keeps the evening entertaining by filling any slow moments in the course of the game with silliness and games.
Seems like there's always someone out there who is unafraid of being goofy in front of others and the Dragons folks know how to find them.  For example...blindfolded musical chairs...
And here are the beloved mascots, Heater and Gem having their own brand of fun...minus the blindfolds...

During the evening, just outside the stadium, a geyser erupted!  We don't know if it was soooo sweltering that someone messed with a fire hydrant or what...this is what we saw...
I always thought a hydrant would flush into the street, but whatever it was, the water went straight up about 4-5 stories!

The only other photos I took that evening were of the church steeples within sight of our seats, Dayton has a lot.  It's something you don't see in newer church architecture anymore.  Sad.

The games are always relaxing and I love the feel of community in the stadium.  It's something I never felt attending games in Portland.  For some reason it's "cozier" here, Portland may have just been too big city to be cozy.  I guess the City of Roses will just have to settle for being surrounded by beauty...poor them.

Maybe one year we'll buy a season pass.  I kinda like that idea.  I wonder how much those air conditioned boxes are????

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