Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July 2010

Am I the only one with a severe case of summertime malaise?  Maybe it's the full body crash and burn goin' on after all the June company left, but I have no motivation.

I did, however, manage to get my act together enough to have a wonderful 4th of July.  A little BBQ, some backyard fishin', and the now annual squirt gun, or should I say cannon, fight.  The package was nicely tied up with the city fireworks show, which is held in a nearby park.  This is the view from our driveway (give it a sec to load)...

I had a wonderful time.  What did I bring to the BBQ?  My MIL's Potato Salad, some beer brats (m-m-m), and these lil' guys found at Noble Pig's website.
You'll also find a video demonstration here: How To Make 4th Of July Bald Eagles
They scored very high on the cute-o-meter, however it never occurred to me that people would actually dislike coconut!  Huh.  Did not see that one coming, but have tucked it away in my 'note to self' mental box.
Maybe you could substitute jimmies for the coconut?  That could be overly sweet though.  I'll need to think about this one...

I think I may just let myself go, malaise-wise.  I deserve a small break and need to catch up on my cross stitching.  I'm working on  a huge project I'd love to finish this year.  I'll post photos soon.

Hope your Independence Day celebrations were as filled with food, fun, family and love of country as ours.  Happy 234th Birthday, America!

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