Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Storm Season

It's the time of year when one can expect those pesky, but beautiful thunderstorms to come rolling through, which is precisely what happened tonight.  This part of the country is known for it's 'wild weather'.  The sky can change on a dime.  One minute beautiful, then look out!, there it is on the horizon, moving this way...a big ol' bank of black clouds.
 (Doesn't the sky look weird?  I'd heard later that there had been a tornado warning in the valley!)

I typically don't mind the spectacle.  It's dazzling.  Unless of course I'm deep into something special on the television and the satellite goes out, which is not the norm (me into television I'm mean).

The thunder and lightening were welcome tonight.  The plants in the garden needed a good
watering and I needed the cool air that it brought.

I spent a little too much time cleaning the cupboards in the basement with ammonia and no ventilation.  My asthmatic lungs are sad now.

Two hours later...
The storm has passed, the atmosphere is fresher and so are my lungs.  I love a good rain.  It's something I truly miss from home, but have found living without (i.e. seeing the sun more than 3 months a year) an okay thing, too!

Here's to sleeping well tonight!

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