Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grey Skies and Grilled Cheese

I come from a very wet state, Oregon. It's pretty much grey skies nine months out of the year. Now that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You get used to it and it's what makes Oregon so darn beautiful.

Once, in my late teens (or early twenties), one of my best friends and I went to Knott's Berry Farm and it started raining during the evening. Being used to clear skies, the bronzed southern Californians ran for the shelters while my friend and I stayed out, uncovered and unfazed by the wet weather. We were able to run from ride to lines! We were proud Oregonians, or at least I was, she was a very patient, transplanted, military brat. I had a great time! What wasn't great was the pneumonia that followed a short while later. No worries though...I consider it a small price to pay.

Now here I sit in Ohio watching the rain, and savoring yet another memory. So what goes well with rainy days? Grilled cheese sandwiches! This version is one I came up with after my husband and I bought a half a pound of a lovely Horseradish Cheddar at a country store. It was lucious. After devouring it, I thought why not try throwing some horseradish in a plain cheddar sandwich and the thought evolved into...

Grilled Horseradish-Cheddar Sandwiches
(makes 1...multiply at will)

2 slices hearty, caraway seeded, light rye bread
1/8 c. mayonnaise
1/4-1/2 t. grated horseradish (not the sauce type)
extra sharp cheddar cheese
butter (we're not messing around here!)

Mix the mayo and horseradish together in a small dish and then spread on the insides of intended sandwich. Use as much or little as you like, it's up to you! Add the cheddar cheese, sliced, assembling "sandwich-style" and butter the outsides of the bread. Grill in a medium-hot pan on both sides until golden.

I honestly feel a little goofy telling you how to make a simple grilled cheese sandwich. But you never know what a person's been exposed to! This is pretty good and a little different....with a wee bit of a kick. I have another grilled cheese type sandwich my grandma and mom used to make that I'll post on it's own later, but I first need to work it out. Hope you enjoy this moment of madness.

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