Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bliss and the Back Yard

It finally happened today!! After years of begging, whining and general nagging, we purchased our first patio set! Yippee!

(hubby constructing a dream)
We spent much of the last two and half decades moving around the country. Military life has it's rewards, constantly leaving dear friends behind isn't one of them. Another downer is never staying anywhere long enough to make it yours. You figure 'why bother, I'm moving in X number of years anyway, and so you do just enough to make it comfortable, usually keeping it scaled down to just the necessities. I can't say I ever owned a coffee or even an end table, I still don't, though now it's a matter of what I've become accustomed to. Which brings me, in an awkward way, to the patio furniture. I always wanted a set, but it was the same ol' 7/6 (what does that mean anyway?)...Do we really need it?...The temperature isn't right here for it...How will it effect our weight allowance?...Will we have a place to put it at the next house? Ugh. Well, now we're retired and there are no longer any reasons/excuses. We wrote it into the budget this year and !!shazam!!...I have magic in my back yard! It may seem small to the reader, but to me, it signals future stability.

While I'm in the back yard I'll show you some of the garden. We are farm kids. Well, I am and my husband fancies himself one. He really grew up in town. His grandparents owned a strawberry farm which he spent quite a lot of time on, I guess that qualifies...sort of. Either way, he has a way with a garden and can squeeze loads of produce out of a little patch, which in this day and age is a good thing.

This is our garden, our very small garden. The strawberries are producing right now and having quite a year! I'm running out of ways to use them up and tomorrow plan to put up some strawberry jam. At the far end is asparagus, which we were actually able to harvest with abandon this year. Another one of those 'we finally stayed somewhere long enough' things.
In between is a little of everything, broccoli, carrots, radishes, spinach, lettuce, onions, etc...
He'll rotate stuff in and out of there all season. Yummy!

This is our multiplier onion patch. The original start came from hubby's grandfather years ago. When moving to CA we weren't allowed to bring our plants with us into the state (CA law), so I boxed up our 'family plants' and shipped them to a good friend to babysit for us. When we were ready to assume custody again all that was left of the onions was one shoot. We thought it was a chive, it was so small and feeble. Luckily it was a survivor and the last one in the entire family. It has since been planted, lived up to it's name and replenished the gardens of others.

My meager herb patch

Rhubarb-a-licious! Should be ready soon!
(one of our homemade water barrels to the left)

This light, and one other, are left overs from the previous owners. They had a crazy idea about turning the backyard into an English garden. It was a nightmare (sorry folks). We had a cement sidewalk to nowhere running down the center of the yard from end to end, lined with probably 3+ dozen small boxwood shrubs, 8-10 poplar trees that lined the fence and another dozen or so trees dotted all over. It took us a full summer to pull it all out. Mowing is a much more pleasant task for hubby now and doesn't feel like playing life-sized pinball, and you can play volleyball if you want!

Here, at last, is the finished product! I went out and bought two recliner chairs and a fire pit to finish the ensemble. I am now at peace. Life is good and summer may now ensue. Have a wonderful, warm season and if you have a moment, share with me what's growing in your yard!

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