Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gale Gand's Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

If you're like me and get that irresistible urge to dive head first (mouth open, of course) into something chocolate from time-to-time (okay, who are we kidding here?), then here's a nice little recipe I found on, where you'll find many sugar free recipes archived. This one is Gale Gand's Deep Chocolate Shortbread and sugar free or not, it has a rich chocolate flavor and does not lose that light flaky thing that shortbread does oh-so-well.
Until I completely understand the mechanics of blogging recipes, I'll only post the link and a few photos, if ya'll don't mind. If anyone can explain the whole copyright mystery to me regarding food blogging, I'd greatly appreciate your help!

First of all, the cookies were really an excuse to try out the 1970's Bosch (do-it-all) mixer my mom had recently given me.

Mom saved her 'fish money' to buy the much coveted machine. For years, to earn a little pin money, she had marked fish at the Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery, as did I for one season. Not the easiest work in the world, but it was usually only 3 wintry weeks of freezing fingers and you were rewarded with a neat little green government check at the end.
But I digress...and most likely disgust...

The recipe is pretty straight forward. Mix all sugars, butter, vanilla and salt well, then add the flour and cocoa powder.
Pat it into a 6"x11" rectangle.
**Don't let the photo fool you, everything was covered with chocolate.
This is the cleaned up for company look!**

After pricking the dough, baking, and cooling... you get about 24 smaller rectangles!
As I said, flaky and good for a chocolate fix.
Aside from my lack of skill, it was pretty fast to pull together and good for an afternoon of childhood memories.
Thank you Gale Gand, where ever you may be, and to Splenda for making it available to all.

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