Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eating Out

While out shopping for a wall patch to mend the eye sore created by tearing out an entire room of chair rail, hubby and I felt the stirrings of our empty and complaining stomachs. It was time to try this Lebanese deli we'd kept catching glimpses of just off the highway. At first we couldn't even agree that it really was there, but after making a nuisance of ourselves on Rt. 35, near Woodman, we zeroed in on it's location. We were happy, everyone on Rt. 35 was happy and our stomachs were growling with anticipation.

So at 1:30ish on a Saturday we took our first steps through the doors of CedarLand. I can't say it's a place you'd want to take a date for atmosphere, but for a quick lunch out, it was clean and just fine with us.
We were greeted at the counter by a cheerful young woman who gently guided us through what-was-what and made recommendations at our request. Seating ourselves at one of 5 or 6 blue booths in the shop, we waited for our order, which was delivered to our table. Hubby ordered a Kafta Sandwich, which consisted of ground beef, parsley, onion and spices (as stated in their menu) and I had a Kebbe Sandwich, which had baked ground beef, stuffed with fried ground beef, onions and spices (also copied from menu).
We also ordered two large Thyme Pies on the side, which is kinda like a soft, round flat bread covered with thyme seasonings.
Now if you like flavor and something out-of-the-ordinary, this is the perfect lunch place for you. The food was presented wrapped in parchment and on paper plates, the drinks were in styrofoam cups and all was DEE-LISH. The Thyme Pies were probably a little too dry for me, but hubby loved it's a split decision there. The sandwiches, which are really wraps, were lightly grilled on the outside, which seemed to help the edibility factor, and very good.

Before we could leave, hubby and I had to go investigate the
4 large racks of food stuffs for sale. They had many types of olives, along with lentils, bulgur, and things I haven't a clue how to use, but looked oh-so-tantalizing.
What really drew hubby back to the front counter were the desserts, all flaky and honey-fied and calling his name. Temptation won the moment and we left with a small box containing an assortment of their flaky pastries.

All things being said, I wish we could've tried more, but...we know we will....
It's a great little hole-in-the-wall which might be missed if you're not paying attention. So please, pay attention. It's local, family-run goodness. We will indulge ourselves there again.
Here is a copy of their business card...And here is a link to their website, where a menu tab can be found, prices are reasonable.

I'll never be a great critic of cuisine, that's obvious. We enjoy trying new and interesting things and finding those great mom and pop shops that are so often overlooked. Some of the best food in the world originated in those kitchens and we want to see them thrive!
Look for more reviews as we scope them out in Dayton and on the road.

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